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Broadway Groupies: Rocking to Rock of Ages

Broadway Groupies: Rocking to Rock of Ages

Broadway Groupies: Rocking to Rock of Ages

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Abe Calimag has seen Rock of Ages 357 times.

You or I might see the same Broadway show a couple of times.  But, all this week WFUV News is introducing you to the Broadway obsessed.  Groupies if you will.  People who see shows again and again and again and spend a ton of money on tickets.

Incorporating hit songs from the 1980s, Rock of Ages has rocked the heart of Abe Calimag.  He's seen the show more than 350 times.

Calimag first bought tickets to the show hoping to see Amy Spanger, the female lead

.  But, she had already ended her run.   Calimag convinced himself to see the show without her.  And says he fell in love with the way the show made him feel. 

“It’s just you know little elements, little performance choices that the actors make that are different from show to show and I just love seeing ya know those little differences every time.”

Calimag has seen the show on Broadway, throughout the US, in London, Toronto, Australia and Manila.

Calimag says he’s gotten to know cast members in London, Australia, and Manila.  He’s even had dinner and drinks with some of them. 

Calimag says he’ll continue seeing the show he doesn’t stop believing in.