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Broadway Groupies: Addicted to Jersey Boys

Broadway Groupies:  Addicted to Jersey Boys

Broadway Groupies: Addicted to Jersey Boys

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Fans of Jersey Boys relive their past.

According to the Broadway League, the average Broadway-goer sees about five shows a year.  But, some theater enthusiasts are much more extreme.  All this week, WFUV News is bringing you stories of the Broadway obsessed.  Groupies if you will.  People who can't get enough of their favorite shows.

Charles Alexander and Howard Tucker grew up listening to songs like Sherry from The Four Seasons.  The musical, Jersey Boys, pays tribute to the lives of the Four Seasons and includes many of the groups hit songs.  Tucker’s seen the show over 60 times.  He says the music draws him to keep coming back. “Everything seemed to have a mark with my life and that really almost made me relive those wonderful years.”

Tucker says he keeps up with the cast in the show.  They even wave hi to him when he sits in the front row. 

But, Tucker’s friend, Charles Alexander, has seen the show even more than he has, 114 times.  Alexander goes once a month.   “I decided I would go at least once a month to see it on Broadway and I haven’t missed a month.”

Alexander doesn’t like to think about how much money he’s spent on tickets in the past several years, but he does talk at length about his other Jersey Boys' connections.