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The Bottomless Pit

The wide-ranging taste of a longtime favorite songwriter.

Note: The Bottomless Pit went on indefinite hiatus on December 17, 2017 while host Marshall Crenshaw works on a documentary about Tom Wilson, the legendary record producer known for his work with Bob Dylan, the Mothers of Invention, Simon & Garfunkel, and others.

WFUV is thrilled to have songwriter Marshall Crenshaw on our roster of hosts. His breakthrough debut in 1982 added the song "Someday, Someway" to the pop catalog, and Marshall's been crafting infectious and edgy tunes ever since. He isn't new to radio either, having formerly hosted The Bottomless Pit on WKZE in the Hudson Valley.

Crenshaw says, to quote a fan who wrote into the show, he'd describe it as "'insider knowledge, self-deprecating humor, and lots of great music,' a great deal of which you'll never hear anywhere else but will be glad you did."

"Basically I bring in records from home, almost all of which I've paid for with my own hard-earned money. I play the stuff, I run my mouth, hopefully not too much, and that's it. Stylistically the music is mostly Rock & Roll along with a smattering of anything and everything else you could think of. And by the way, I really like doing it."

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