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The Big Broadcast for September 18

A 1931 Roy Turk & Fred Ahlert song.


This week's Big Broadcast is all new, and just maybe worth the wait. It includes the first annual birthday salute to singer Helen Rowland, who was quite busy on radio and records throughout the 1930s. We'll also have a handful of "sneak peeks" of selections from the upcoming Big Broadcast Volume 12, which we'll be offering in the course of our Fall Membership Drive.

Jelly Roll Morton was the self-proclaimed "Inventor of Jazz." His compositions included such jazz standards as "Wolverine Blues" and "King Porter Stomp." He was also responsible for a brilliant series of recordings by his Red Hot Peppers and other groups from 1926 to 1930.

Band leader Don Bestor was featured on Jack Benny's radio program in the 1930s. He's credited with the "J-e-l-l-O" theme, too. We'll hear his recordings from 1928 to 1936.

Three songwriters are being celebrated. Sam H. Stept was born in Odessa on September 18, 1897. He grew up in Pittsburgh, toured vaudeville, led a band, and had songs to his credit into the 1950s. Lyricist Roy Turk was born on September 20, 1892. His first hits came in 1919, but his greatest success arrived with composer Fred Ahlert, who was born one day earlier. Together they wrote "Mean to Me" and "I'll Get By."