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The Big Broadcast for May 24: Somebody Loves Me

The Ben Bernie band with a Gershwin song from 1924.


Benny Goodman gets a plurality of the space on "The Big Broadcast," but it's not the "Let's Dance" or "Sing, Sing, Sing" BG. In fact, the newest recording is "Sometimes I'm Happy" from 1935. That still leaves a good nine years in his recording career, from his time as a sideman with Ben Pollack's band, which he joined at age 16, to work with Red Nichols and vocalist Annette Hanshaw. Filling out the evening, bandleaders from opposite sides of the pond: Ben Bernie and Lew Stone, plus a pair of entertainment pioneers: Billy Murray and Al Jolson. But, "You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet," there'll be a birthday salute to trumpeter Sylvester Ahola, who was born in Massachusetts, but made hundreds of recordings during a three year stay in London. And a first-time tribute to composer Paul Denniker, who wrote "S'posin" and two enduring radio themes for WNEW-AM, "The Milkmen's Matinee" and "Make Believe Ball Room."