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Big Bird costumes Flying Out of Halloween Stores

Big Bird costumes Flying Out of Halloween Stores
Romney's debate gaff leads to popular costume choice.

Big Bird was the unlikely star of last week's presidential debate. Now the 8-foot-tall "Sesame Street" regular is poised to be this year's breakout Halloween costume.

Employees at New York City costume stores say that once Republican Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird in his debate with President Barack Obama, the feathered costume started flying out of stores.

Cashier Sarafina Panasside of Halloween Adventure tells The New York Times that three customers bought Big Bird costumes the morning after the debate. Shops that don't stock Big Bird say people have been asking for it.
Romney said that if elected he would end federal subsidies for the Public Broadcasting Service to help balance the budget. PBS airs "Sesame Street."
Romney added that he likes Big Bird.