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Avi Buffalo - FUV Live - 2014

Hear an FUV Live session with Avi Buffalo tonight at 9.



Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is the main main behind the moniker Avi Buffalo. He began writing songs while he was in high school and before he even graduated he was signed to the prestigious indie label Sub Pop and began touring the world behind his brilliant self-titled debut album. This year he released his sophomore album, At Best Cuckold, and Avi explained that the new songs were inspired by writing "about life, dealing with relationships and yourself, and trying to keep your head up and keep learning amidst whatever it is you’re going through." A very mature 23-year-old indeed.

Avi recently stopped by Studio A to share some of his new songs and you can watch those performances here, with the full interview coming soon.

[recorded: 9/19/14]