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Andrew Breiner on Being Named Head Coach

Andrew Breiner sits down with Matt Moro and talks about being named Fordham Football Head Coach (Photo Credit: Bob Ahrens/WFUV Sports)


Andrew Breiner was named the new head coach for Fordham Football after Joe Moorhead accepted the Offensive Coordinator position at Penn State last week.  Andrew Breiner has been with the program for the past four years, serving as Quarterbacks Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the Rams this past year.  Breiner sits down with WFUV's Matt Moro on his reaction to being named Head Coach, and how it has impacted his life over the past few days, and his visions going forward.  He comments on the amount of support he has received from both people here at Fordham, and people from his college days at Lock Haven and from his hometown in Texas. 

Click below to listen to the full interview between Matt Moro and Head Coach Andrew Breiner.