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TAS In-Studio

Samsaya: FUV Live

Effusive, cheerful and self-determined, India-born, Norway-raised and Sweden-based pop singer Samsaya paints a crimson heart over her eye before every performance. It's a talisman of sorts, reminding the singer (and her fans) of her deep love of music, a passion that guided her through some lonely years as a child and teenager trying to bridge two very different cultures.

Earlier this summer, Samsaya released her self-titled EP (her second album, Bombay Calling, will be released in the near future) and she's been opening for Lily Allen in North America. However, Samsaya will have her very own headlining New York show this Monday, September 22, at Mercury Lounge.

Earlier this summer, Samsaya and her bandmates stopped by Studio A for a session for FUV and The Alternate Side; watch their buoyant performance of "Bombay Calling" and the single, "Stereotype." The entire session will air on WFUV later this autumn.



The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: TAS In Session

One of many contemporary bands that assumed the dense and beautiful shoegaze mantle left by '90s predecessors like Ride, Cocteau Twins and Lush, New York's The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is led by singer and guitarist Kip Berman. 

The band's shimmering new album, Days of Abandon, marks a significant change in the group's lineup and also their sound; under Berman's guidance, this iteration of POBPAH uses fewer electric guitars and focuses on a more acoustic approach.

The group has been on the UK and the European festival circuit, but head back to the States for a tour beginning October 5 in Seattle with a hometown show in New York at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 17.

Below, watch videos of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart live in Studio A playing a pair of songs from the new album, listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, August 29, at 11 a.m., EDT, also streaming online.



Slow Club: TAS In Session

Slow Club's Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor have blossomed as artists over the course of three strong—and very different—albums.

The Sheffield-bred, London-based duo found their foothold as a genial folk act with an cheeky sense of humor on their 2009 debut, Yeah So. But by 2011's Paradise, Slow Club had confidently evolved, drifting from a simple folksy narrative to darker, more layered pop. Taylor and Watson each claimed their own individual songs and stories, with Taylor finding her stride as a vocal powerhouse.

Their latest, third album, Complete Surrender, is yet another beautiful progression, as the pair step into yearning dance tracks ("Complete Surrender"), stunning ballads ("Dependable People and Things That I'm Sure Of") and brassy Northern soul ("The Pieces").

Slow Club's Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor recently made their way to the Bronx for a Studio A session and conversation, discussing heartbreak, pop music, friendship and their own complicated—but fruitful—collaboration.

They embark on a North American tour later this summer and return to New York next month, playing Bowery Ballroom on September 17.

Watch videos of Slow Club live in session below, listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, August 22, at 11 a.m., EDT, also streaming online.



EMA: TAS In Session

Erika M. Anderson, better known by her stage name of EMA, released her third full length album, The Future's Void, earlier this year. The new record showcases a new side to EMA which includes more electronic layers and science fiction-inspired lyrics.

EMA will be playing Bowery Ballroom on October 5, but not long ago, she stopped by Studio A to play us some of the new songs and talk about the record. Watch a video of EMA in Studio A below, listen to the interview in the FUV Vault now or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today, August 15, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.

[recorded: 3/31/14]

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Strand Of Oaks: FUV Live

Tim Showalter is the mastermind behind the Philly-based band Strand of Oaks, and his latest album, Heal, is his most personal yet. Through the songs, he takes listeners on a journey into his past, to a time when he was singing Smashing Pumpkins songs to himself in his basement and rifling through his parents' record collection. It’s an album about falling in love with music.

During a recent visit to Studio A, Tim talked with The Alternate Side's Russ Borris about his favorite artists, from Black Sabbath to Phosphorescent. Below, watch Strand of Oaks playing songs from Heal live in Studio A and listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, August 8, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.

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tUnE-yArDs: TAS In Session

One of the most unique acts to emerge over the last five years, tUnE-yArDs is helmed by singer and multi-instrumentalist Merrill Garbus who, along with her longtime collaborator Nate Brenner, writes carnivalistic, polyrhythmic, genre-blurring music with gleeful abandon.

The Antlers: TAS In Session

The Antlers first started making real traction in 2009 when they released their third full-length album, Hospice. As the title suggests, that record dealt with some pretty weighty subject matter, but it was presented in such a moving way that it was impossible not to get swept away by it.

Since then, the Brooklyn trio has continued to hone their craft of creating stirring sonic landscapes. The Antlers' latest release, Familiars, is a thoughtful and deliberately-paced collection of songs that instills calmness and warmth. It’s an enveloping release that rewards with multiple listens.

Watch videos of The Antlers during their recent visit to Studio A below and listen to the entire session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, June 25, at 11a.m., EDT, also streaming online.



[recorded: 6/18/14]

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Cloud Nothings: TAS In Session

Cloud Nothings are at once caustic and exhilarating, a whirlwind of reverb and regret. On the Cleveland band's latest album, Here and Nowhere Else, Dylan Baldi and his bandmates aspire to sharper songcraft, bringing a sophisticated layer to their tempestuous punk roar.

Watch Cloud Nothings' seismic performance in FUV's Studio A below and listen to their session with The Alternate Side's Eric Holland in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, July 18, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.

Cloud Nothings will be at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this Saturday and head to Europe for assorted festivals in August. They return to play New York's Irving Plaza on October 7.




Lyla Foy: FUV Live

When Lyla Foy released her debut EP, Shoestring, she did so using the moniker WALL, still uncertain of attaching a solo identity to still-nascent songs like her 2012 breakout single "No Secrets."

However, as Foy began recording her debut album for Sub Pop, the London-based songwriter and producer finally shed the protective fortress of WALL and embraced her own name. Her full length debut, Mirrors the Sky, is a sensitive and stirring excursion through stormy relationships, showcasing Foy's dreamy vocals.

Most recently she's been on the road supporting Sharon Van Etten and Phosphorescent. Earlier this spring, Lyla Foy made her way to FUV for a conversation and a session, performing her most recent single "Honeymoon." Below, watch videos of her springtime performance in FUV's Studio A, listen to Lyla Foy's full session now in the FUV Vault or catch it on TAS on 91.5 WNYE this Friday, July 11, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.



Dean Wareham: FUV Live

After making music for almost 30 years with three bands—Galaxie 500, Luna and Dean & Britta—Dean Wareham finally released a solo album earlier this year, produced by My Morning Jacket's Jim James. Aficionados of Wareham's previous rock incarnations won't feel any seismic shifts on his self-titled record; in fact, the album embraces all phases of the songwriter's storied career.  

Lyrically, the songs delve into poignant observations about life and love, all delivered with wit and charm. Sonically, the arrangements have a hazy and somewhat psychedelic feel.

Wareham will play Boston's ICA on July 11 and head to Europe for a tour thereafter.

This spring, Dean Wareham visited WFUV to share some of those new compositions and tossed in a classic Luna song, "Lost in Space," too. Below, watch videos of Dean Wareham live in Studio A,  listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or catch it on The Alternate Side on 91.5 WNYE this Friday, July 4, at 11a.m., EDT, also streaming online.




[recorded: 04/07/14]

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