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TAS In-Studio

Drenge: 2015

The Loveless brothers Eoin (pronounced Owen) and Rory, better known as the hard-rocking Drenge, have a name that sparks associatio

Waxahatchee: FUV Live

Named after the lake not far from her parents' house in Alabama, Waxahatchee is also the name of songwriter Katie Crutchfield's alternative-folk project that she began in 2011. After receiving overwhelming praise for her sophomore album Cerulean Salt, she and her band embarked on an extensive, international tour, gaining more well-deserved fans and listeners.

This month, she released her third album, Ivy Tripp. The cohesive and self-reflective record is mostly inspired by how Crutchfield has dealt with the touring lifestyle and how it affected her relationships with others.

Watch videos of Waxahatchee in Studio A below, listen to the session in the FUV Vault now or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today, April 10, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.

[recorded: 3/31/15]

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Waxahatchee Live In Concert From SXSW 2013

Two Gallants: TAS In Session

San Francisco-based Two Gallants is the duo of childhood friends Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel.  With Stephens handling vocals and guitar and Vogel behind the drum kit, the pair create a tight mix of blues, folk, country, and garage rock. Even after 13 years together, Two Gallants continue to push the boundaries of what a duo can accomplish.

The band's fifth album, We Are Undone, is possibly their heaviest outing yet, sonically and thematically. The songs' topics range from the ills of consumerism to environmental disaster, and all are backed by pounding rhythms and captivating guitar riffs. Two Gallants recently stopped by Studio A to talk with me about the new record.

They also performed some of the new songs live in studio. Watch videos of Two Gallants in Studio A, listen to their session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE on Friday, March 20, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.



[recorded: 2/12/15]
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