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U2 Bookends & 20 Feet From Stardom's Oscar Win...


 Talking Heads & Clapton selections inspired by the backing singers performances - Eric

1U2                                      Invisible

2 Bad Reputation                 Freedy Johnston

3 Why Get Up                       Fabulous Thunderbirds

4 Neil Young                        Tonight’s The Night

5 Phantogram                      Fall in Love

6 Morrissey                          November Spawned a Monster

7 Oasis                                 Champagne Supernova

8 The Band                          The Shape I’m In

9 Love Roller Coaster         Ohio Players

10 Talking Heads                 Slippery People

11 Eric Clapton                    The Core

12 The Stooges                    I Wanna Be Your Dog

13 U2                                     Out of Control

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