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Seemingly Related


The featured recording won't be heard on tonight's "Big Broadcast," and hasn't been played on the show since October 17, 2012. Remember? It's up there since it was featured in Paramount's "Big Broadcast of 1937," which aired last night on TCM for the first time in over a decade. This was the third of four "Big Broadcasts," which began with the 1932 release, ended with 1938's, which gave us Robin & Rainger's "Thanks for the Memory." The team's "Talking Through My Heart" wasn't performed in the film by Vincent Lopez, Benny Goodman was the featured orchestra, but Lopez appeared in the first "Big Broadcast." And a live medley by the band (with vocalist and drummer Johnny Morris) is included on the eighth "Big Broadcast" compilation CD. Volume 10 is due out in the Fall. That's six more than Paramount!

Tonight's actual radio show salutes the Jack Hylton Orchestra, vocalists Seger Ellis and Dick Robertson, and the songs of Irving Ceasar, Joe Young and George M. Cohan, born on the Third of July, 1878.