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Change of Plan, I Guess


Okay, it doesn't rise to the level of "A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," but there are a couple of curiosities tied to this week's featured recording. "The Little Show" was a 1929 Broadway hit. Most of the score was written by Arthur Schwartz, whose birthday is being celebrated on tonight's "Big Broadcast." His "I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan" was most likely introduced by Clifton Webb (you may remember him from "Laura"). Curiously, I can't find a single period recording of the song. For some reason, it started being recorded enthusiastically in late 1932. Maybe it was interpolated into another show, possibly shows up in a movie; perhaps Rudy Vallee or Bing Crosby began to feature it on their radio shows.

The nearest answer comes in the notes to the seventh "Big Broadcast" compilation, where you'll find Ramona and Paul Whiteman's "Plan." Michael Feinstein relayed a recollection from lyricist Howard Dietz that the Price of Wales was quite fond of the song, and he encouraged its performance. Maybe.

Mystery #2 is why this version by Will Osborne (another birthday boy) is credited to "Owen Fallon and His Californians." Fallon was a band leading drummer, but hadn't made a record since 1929! It wasn't unusual for budget labels like Melotone to invoke the names of other leaders, like Fallon, Bob Causer or Ralph Bennett, but the reason isn't clear. BTW, there's a recording by the genuine Bennett band coming up on "Big Broadcast" Volume 10. No mystery there.