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Surviving Falcon Ridge


Wow! We are actually able to blog from the festival site this year.. One giant step for Folk Festival technology. The festival is fun as always, if not a little light in attendance. The storms last year (and intermittent storms this year) made folks a little wary, but those that have come out are not disappointed.

The workshop stage has been hopping with Blues, String (I “Heart” Blue Moose and The Unbuttoned Zippers) and they are in the middle of a Paul Simon song set.

The big news is that I saw what looked just like Dennis Elsas, running around in a tie-dye muumuu.

My plans for the evening are to hang with team FUV and learn how to 2-step. FUV member and self-described cajun dance man promised to teach me how! More to follow!

The crowd includes people and families of all ages, which is always so nice