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Listen To Alabama Shakes In Concert On FUV Tonight


When you listen to FUV, you discover new music and hear great new bands perform live. That's part of what Public Radio Music Month is all about, so we're joining in the celebration by looking back at some past live performances. One impressive show was Alabama Shakes at Bowery Ballroom, just after their debut album Boys & Girls was released. It's hard to imagine anyone in that crowd not leaving there a believer, but of course, FUV made sure you didn't have to be in the room to hear the show.

Now you'll find Alabama Shakes in the #1 spot on the Top 90 Albums of 2012 as voted by FUV listeners, and on on FUV Live 15 — one of the thank-you gifts available when you support WFUV. Tonight at 9pm, you can hear that Bowery Ballroom show on FUV, or listen online anytime.