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TAS in Session: Regina Spektor


When Regina Spektor stepped into WFUV and The Alternate Side’s Studio A, she came with a huge smile that made you not want to disappoint her. Yet, we had to make her wait as a session with Madeleine Peyroux had not yet wrapped up.

Upon hearing this news, Regina's smile only got bigger, she was a fan. When she saw that our studios had a Yamaha piano, her smile got bigger still. As the interview progressed and she stunned us with “Laughing With,” a song from her new album,  Far.

After a little more of an interview where she talked about her songwriting process, how she likes to road test new material, and her stance on some current events she then went into another new song, “Folding Chair.” When she left it was all of us in the studios with large smiles on our faces - we were not disappointed.

Audio clip: Regina Spektor Live - "Laughing With"

Audio clip: Regina Spektor Live - "Folding Chair "


"Far" tracklist

01 “The Calculation”
02 “Eet”
03 “Blue Lips” (mp3 @ Stereogum)
04 “Folding Chair”
05 “Machine”
06 “Laughing With”
07 “Human Of The Year”
08 “Two Birds”
09 “Dance Anthem”
10 “Genius Next Door”
11 “Wallet”
12 “One More Time With Feeling”
13 “Man Of A Thousand Faces”