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TAS in Session: Phoenix


Phoenix - "1901" in-studio on

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Interview/Performance with Phoenix


Thomas Mars and Christian Mazzalai from the French band, Phoenix stopped by The Alternate Side the other day to talk about their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix which comes out at the end of the month.

Like their other albums, this one is filled with masterful little gems that are great for parties and driving fast. At one point during the interview I asked them to play one of my favorites from the new album, but Christian apologetically declined. He explained that they wanted to play something else first and with his charmingly thick French accent, he politely asked, "Eeez it a problem?"

Of course, I told them that it was not at all and they could play whatever they wanted. They did let me pick the last song, though, and I was so thrilled that they obliged my request for "Playground Love" from The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. So we got a couple new songs and an older one. Enjoy! 



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