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Ryan Meara: A Local Product

by Mike Watts
NY Red Bulls

For several years, Ryan Meara (MARE-uh) never seemed to make much of an effort to correct people when they mispronounced his name. He let his play on the soccer pitch do the talking for him. What the six foot five goalkeeper may lack in off field assertiveness, he more than makes up for with numerous jaw dropping saves and a natural ability to lead on the pitch. The 2011 Atlantic Ten Defensive Player of the Year makes his debut as the starting keeper for the New York Red Bulls when RBNY opens its season on the road against FC Dallas on Sunday afternoon.

Fordham Goalie Ryan Meara Drafted by NY Red Bulls

by Amit Badlani

Earlier this week, Fordham's Goalie Ryan Meara was drafted by the NY Red Bulls with the 31st pick in the MLS Super Draft. Mike Giandomenico and Ricky Cibrano were joined by Fordham Soccer play-by-play commentator Mike Watts to discuss his play during the season. A cut from Mack Rosenberg's interview with Ryan Meara is in the segment.

Moving On

by Jake Kring-Schreifels

Losing is a tough pill to swallow. For the Fordham Women’s Soccer team, tying was an even tougher one. The Rams’ playoff hopes were dangling by a thread, and they needed to beat undefeated LaSalle to have a chance to advance. Fordham led late with a 1-0 lead, but LaSalle quickly added a last minute goal to even the score, one that would stay the same through overtime until the final whistle. It was a dissatisfying end to a bumpy season.

“I can’t complain,” said Selmani. “They left it on the field and that’s our trademark.”

Going Inside the Game

by Jake Kring-Schreifels

Delving into the internal machinations of a company, team, or campaign has been the recent trend in the movie industry. In Moneyball, we get an up-close look at the men of baseball’s front office, making trades, crunching numbers, and working the phones. The latest political thriller The Ides of March analyzes the background of a presidential campaign trail and all the deceptive schematics that it entails. Contagion, the latest medical thriller explores the ins and outs of a pharmaceutical company, its employees, testers, and corporate figureheads.

Positive Power

by Jake Kring-Schreifels

Winston Churchill famously said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” I have a feeling that this isn’t the slogan the Fordham Women’s Soccer team rallies behind each day. But then again, after you watch this team play, it certainly could be.

The MLS’ Bizzarro Playoff Format

by Amit Badlani
NY Red Bulls

By Mike Valdetara

Sports are a bizarre enterprise filled with unlucky moments, extraordinary plays, and odd bounces. These sorts of things happen from time to time and are accepted as “part of the game.” Now having been following the Nets and Jets for as long as I’ve lived, I have obviously seen my fair share of bizarre plays. From Devin Harris catching, dribbling, bobbling and releasing a half-court game winner in under 1.8 seconds to offensive lineman Jumbo Elliot catching a game-tying touchdown pass in the “Monday Night Miracle.”

Red Bulls Recognize 9/11

by Terence McGinley
courtesy of Red Bulls

Harrison-  As a full moon rested brightly above the rim of Red Bull Arena, thousands of American flags waved in unison throughout the stands. In remembrance of the September 11th terrorist attacks of ten years ago, the New York Red Bulls handed out the flags to every fan that entered the stadium, and directed them to wave the flags between the ninth and twelfth minutes of the game. To complete the patriotic scene, a choir of diehards bellowed an impromptu rendition of God Bless America.