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New York Jets

The Surprise Benefactor from the Tebow Trade: Mark Sanchez

by Bobby Gubin

While reporters from nearly every sports network have weighed in on the Tebow trade, few if any, have said the deal could benefit the Jets current starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Unlike much of the New York press, I do not doubt Sanchez’s self-confidence. This is a kid, who was taken with the 6th overall pick 3 years ago, after only one full year starting at USC. Simply put, he was that impressive.

Award-Winning WFUV NFL Draft Coverage

by Bob Ahrens

2004 was the first time...and then back-to-back in 2007 and 2008.  WFUV was awarded theaward for Best Coverage of a Local Sporting Event by The New York State Broadcasters Association.  Back in 2004 Pat Reichart wrote a story about that first award

Listen to the One on One NFL Draft Show

by James Passarelli

The FUV crew has infiltrated the various sports hot spots of NYC to give you live first round news as it happens.  Tune in at 7:30 tonight to keep up to date on all your NFL Draft news.  We'll be online until the not-so-bitter end.  So join us at the portal, and get the kind of material not even Kiper can give you.

The Judge Presides on the NFL

by Amit Badlani
Jeffrey Beall - Senior NFL Writer Clark Judge joined Alex and Kyle on One on One to talk about Tebow-mania in New York, Peyton Manning in Denver, and bounty-gate in New Orleans. Click below to listen.

Will Tebow Have a $ Effect?

Jeffrey Beall, flickr

After a brief contractual impasse, there is a new quarterback in New York.

The Jets officially acquired Tim Tebow late Wednesday night. The highly polarizing player sometimes draws criticism for his unorthodox style, and other times admiration for his off the field persona and unlikely victories in the clutch. But with sports retail stores like Modells already stocking up on Tebow merchandise, his trade could mean more than just another new face on the Jets’ sideline.

NFL’s Best and Brightest Show Up in Indianapolis

by John DeMarzo

Even for those who do not breathlessly follow every happening in Hollywood, the quartet of ceremonies --- Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys --- always attracts casual fans, just to see what movies, songs, television programs and Broadway shows that they’ve seen or heard over the past year take home honors.  I must confess that I am one of these casual fans, except when it comes to the Grammys; being a lover of music, I usually know all of the songs or albums nominated for the prestigious award.

Legends and Legacies: Joe Namath

by Jake Kring-Schreifels

New York Jet fans have grown accustomed to big guarantees over the last few years. Namely, Rex Ryan’s press conference promises about his team heading to the Super Bowl all of the last three years. None of them have come true however. It seems now that a guarantee is only a PR move, and usually a negative one, brazened confidence that lacks character and depth. But back in the Jets’ heyday, when a kid named “Broadway Joe” helmed the most important position in football, guarantees weren’t for show; they were for real.

NFL Friday - Wild Card Playoffs

by Amit Badlani

On this playoff edition on One on One's NFL Friday, Mike Giandomenico and Colin Henderson discuss the aftermath of the Jets season, go over the matchup between the Giants and Falcons, and prepare us for the rest of the wild card round.