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Plenette Pierson

Liberty Report 7/18: Time to Rest

by Kenny Ducey
Thomas Humphrey, Long Island Dispatch

If you’re a follower of the Liberty, the upcoming Olympic break will be a bittersweet one for you. You’ll be bored without games to watch (or maybe watching them isn’t always an enjoyable experience –that's up to you7), but happy that the team can return to full strength.

Liberty Report 7/6: A Step in the Right Direction

by Kenny Ducey
Thomas Humphrey, Long Island Dispatch

After a 77-59 home win against Seattle on Sunday, the Liberty are within shouting distance in the Eastern Conference. They're 5 games out at 5-9, and have a chance to improve even further, playing the 2nd place Chicago Sky at 8:30. The team will be without Plenette Pierson for another game, and without veteran Kelly Miller. She was released earlier this week and replaced with Katelan Redmon, who was drafted by New York this year, then cut on May 27th.