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Manic Media Day

by Jake Kring-Schreifels

Jake Kring-Schreifels

It began calmly. Sheraton hotel assistants handed out thermoses of coffee to media members. Every coach bus seat held a delicious pastry boxed up neatly. At 7:30am, with the sun beginning to bathe Manhattan, police escorted these buses into Newark, NJ. No traffic. No noise. That quickly changed.

Seattle Feeling Confident and Focused on Media Day

by Kenny Ducey

Kristian O'Hara/WFUV Sports

By: Kristian O’Hara

The Seahawks were a confident and outgoing bunch at Super Bowl Media Day.  They've been that way all season. 

Seattle is obviously trying to keep this week as normal as possible in their practice and preparation. Head coach Pete Carroll emphasized that again today, saying “The message is really clear: It’s to stay the same. We can’t let these elements and this buildup affect who we are. That’s the challenge for us.”