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Verne Lundquist: Coming Full Circle

by Mack Rosenberg


Scully Award Winner Lets the Moment Speak for Itself

Verne Lundquist, the 2014 winner of the Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Broadcasting, is so much more than a great sports broadcaster. He is the most gracious, genuine man you can meet, and it shines through on the air.  Verne Lundquist: Coming Full Circle, showcases just a few of the moments that have defined his career.

The first occurred in Super Bowl 13 between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers on January 21st, 1979. Cowboys tight end Jackie Smith dropped a wide open touchdown pass that would have won them the game. Verne, long time radio play-by-play man for the Cowboys, appropriately said "Bless his heart, he's got to be the sickest man in America." 

He gives meaning and feeling to every event he has the pleasure of doing. And it was no different in 1986, when he emphatically said "Yes Sir!" as Jack Nicklaus sank a putt on the 17th hole at the Masters that would make him the oldest man ever to win the event. 
Verne also broadcasted figure skating, most notably the Olympics in 1994 with Scott Hamilton in the midst of the Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan scandal. Verne and Scott reflect on that time during the piece, and remember trying their hardest to focus on the competition. 
Perhaps the sport Verne is most known for is college football. He has been the voice of the SEC on CBS since 2000. Two events highlighted in this piece occurred in the fall of 2013 within two weeks of each other. The first has been dubbed the "Prayer at Jordan Hare." A late Hail Mary Touchdown by Auburn to beat Georgia.

And no one will ever forget the Iron Bowl just two weeks later. Chris Davis of Auburn returning a missed Alabama field goal for the game winning touchdown is a moment that Verne now ranks near the top of his list.

The key for Verne, and something he has done since the beginning, is letting the moment speak for itself, and being a minimalist. He does it brilliantly.

Listen to Verne Lundquist: Coming Full Circle in its entirety below. Also listen to Verne's follow-up interview on One on One.

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Verne Lundquist: Coming Full Circle Verne One on One w. Mack Rosenberg and Nolan Silbernagel