Idiot's Delight

Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" for February 8: A Winter Drive Edition

by WFUV Staff
Laura Cantrell

Tonight at 8 on "Idiot's Delight"®, Vin Scelsa is depending on you, oh faithful listener, and hoping you'll step up and support the show and WFUV during the station's winter fundraising drive. It's so easy to show your love for "Idiot's Delight"®— and Vin's mix tonight which will include Pete Seeger, Laura Cantrell (pictured), Damien Jurado and Harry Nilsson—by calling 877-938-8907 or heading to and contributing what you can.

Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" for February 1

by WFUV Staff
Pete Seeger and bandmates (photo: Aaron Freimark/Creative Commons)

Vin Scelsa has returned from vacation and for tonight's brand new "Idiot's Delight"® at 8, he has planned a very special show that is both a celebration and an elegy (the show will begin online until 9, or thereabouts, because of Fordham men's basketball).

"While not a Pete Seeger 'tribute' show by any stretch of the imagination," writes Vin, "Pete's spirit and influence hangs over, informs and inspires every moment of tonight's 'Idiot's Delight.' Pete was truly a giant cultural musical icon whose influence on several generations of Americans and people all over the world is immeasurable."

Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" for January 18

by WFUV Staff
(photo: Bob Daugherty)

Vin Scelsa might be on vacation this week, but for tonight's "Idiot's Delight"® he's handpicked an archived show that first aired on December 8, 2012. Not only did the day mark the 32nd anniversary of John Lennon's death, but it was also a few days after the passing of jazz giant Dave Brubeck on December 5.