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The Bottomless Pit

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For December 13

by Marshall Crenshaw
Ian McLagan

As mentioned last week, tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10 is a full-hour tribute to the great, and now sadly late, Ian McLagan. We'll hear his musical soul power, of which he had massive amounts, on records by The Small Faces, The Faces, Ron Wood, Rod Stewart, James McMurty, Lucinda Williams and many more others, including Ian himself (in his singer-songwriter mode). He was a real favorite of mine, somebody who could play "the phone book"— and break your heart with it.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For December 6

by Marshall Crenshaw
The Move

I have the blues over the death of Ian McLagan, one of the greatest rock musicians who ever breathed air. However, tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10 is a "rerun anthology," assembled from parts of past shows, because I haven't had a spare minute during the last two weeks to do a new show. Late last night I thought of scrapping the "rerun anthology" and slapping together a quick Ian McLagan tribute, but instead I'll do a full show on him next week when I'll have the time to do it thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, tonight on the show I'll trace the history of the vibraphone and of The Move ... and a little bit more.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 29

by Marshall Crenshaw
Norton Records (courtesy of their website)

Tonight's post-Thanksgiving edition of "The Bottomless Pit" at 10 is a straight-up rerun of a show that aired on Dec. 15, 2012. It's a tribute to the good works of Billy Miller and Miriam Linna, outstanding citizens/artists/entrepreneurs, owners and operators of Norton Records and Kicks Publications. They've been having some extra trials and tribulations lately; I'm rerunning this week's show to restate my appreciation for what they do and what they've done.

Musically, we'll hear, of course, Hasil Adkins, The A-Bones, Danny Zella, Gene Vincent, Lou Reed (with The Primitives), Bobby Fuller, Esquerita, Nervous Norvus, and many more great artists that are found on the Norton label and website.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 22

by Marshall Crenshaw
Scott Walker with Sunn O))) (photo by Phil Laslett)

Tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10 marks a kind of a random anniversary (the 51st), but an anniversary nonetheless: of the death of President Kennedy, one of the sh***iest things that ever happened to America. I still remember the day—and the days after—and the way the whole thing felt to me as a 10-year-old kid. We'll go back to that time period, musically speaking, and actually have a good time doing it, the prior downcast-sounding sentence notwithstanding.

We'll also hear a track from the new album by Scott Walker and Sunn O))) which is, of course, a real toe-tapper.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 15

by Marshall Crenshaw

On "The Bottomless Pit" over the years, I've had a recurring feature segment called "A Salute To the Fender Stratocaster." I've also done a salute to the Fender Jazzmaster and two weeks worth of saluting the Hammond B-3 organ. I did a Gretsch guitar night, an all-Mosrite show, and possibly my favorite, a salute to the Vox Continental organ.

In this vein, tonight at 10 will be an "All-Danelectro Edition" of "The Bottomless Pit." Like White Castle hamburgers, Danelectro instruments are cheaply made, cheaply bought, but uniquely effective—and uniquely American.