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Sunday Breakfast - Hannah and Maggie - 2014

by John Platt
Hannah Hickok and Maggie Kraus are a pair of smart songwriters who both grew up in the New York suburbs (Hannah in Westchester, Maggie in NJ) and discovered their musical chemistry in an a cappella group at Smith College. Being a female duo, they're often likened to the Indigo Girls - a comparison they don't mind, though they feel equally inspired by Simon & Garfunkel. Judge for yourself in this Sunday Breakfast session in Studio A.

Typhoon - FUV Live - 2014

by Alisa Ali

The latest album from this Portland-based band is called White Lighter and it is a wonderful masterpiece of highly-orchestrated pop music. Frontman Kyle Morton leads this 12-piece band which includes Toby Tanabe, Dave Hall, Pieter Hilton, Alex Fitch, Tyler Ferrin, Ryan McAlpin, Eric Stipe, Devin Gallagher, Shannon Steele and Jen Hufnagel.

Milagres - FUV Live - 2014

by Alisa Ali

The latest release from the Brooklyn-based Milagres is called Violent Light and it finds the band refining its icy synthpop sound. There are hints of '80s-era Roxy Music and David Bowie and the songs have a lush, majestic feel to them. The band stops by Studio A to play us some of their new songs and talk about the new record.

Boy and Bear - FUV Live - 2014

by Carmel Holt

This Sydney band more than avoided the sophomore slump when its new album Harlequin Dream topped the Australian charts. It also expanded their sound by incorporating '60s and '70s rock influences. Boy & Bear is acoustic at the core though, and that is how the guys perform on this episode of FUV Live.