NPR icon Gashcat: NPR Front Row

by Robin Hilton
The Louisiana band Gashcat makes fantastically catchy, idiosyncratic rock and pop songs that burst with joy. Gashcat returned to South by Southwest last month to give a thrilling, all-too-short performance. Watch the group perform "The Morning Sun" live in Austin, Texas.

NPR icon Surfer Blood: NPR Front Row

by Robin Hilton
Surfer Blood fans still have to wait a few months to hear its second album, Pythons, but the Florida band gave a preview of the record during shows at SXSW this year. Watch the group perform "Demon Dance" at the Warner Sound party at the Belmont in Austin, Texas.

NPR icon Depeche Mode: The Complete SXSW 2013 Interview

by Jason Bentley
Mito Habe-Evans
After 30 years together, Depeche Mode puts out its 13th album this week, the seductive Delta Machine. Jason Bentley of KCRW speaks with the band's core trio of members about making music apart and together and recovering from its darkest days.

NPR icon Ducktails: NPR Front Row

by Saidah Blount
This is a live band that thrives on experimentation, playing around and taking chances. Watch Ducktails on stage at Austin's Clive Bar as the band performs "Letter of Intent," featuring kicky guitars and emotive strains of organ and synth.

NPR icon Telekinesis: NPR Front Row

by Bob Boilen
Michael Benjamin Lerner is a great singer-songwriter who happens to play the drums — which means he needs help bringing his songs to life in a live setting. Members of Wild Flag, The Globes and Say Hi join in during this performance of "Ghosts and Creatures," filmed live at The Parish in Austin, Texas, during SXSW.

NPR icon Chvrches: NPR Front Row

by Saidah Blount
Chvrches' bass-heavy pop sounds will be the soundtrack to many a barbecue this summer, but in the meantime, the Glaswegian trio got the crowd dancing at SXSW 2013. Watch the trio perform "The Mother We Share" at Austin's Red 7.

NPR icon Metz: NPR Front Row

by Robin Hilton
Watch the noise-rock trio tear it up at the 2013 South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Recorded live at Bar 96 for Filter Magazine's Dr. Martens Showcase, the band performs a heart-pounding version of "Wet Blanket" here.

NPR icon Bob Boilen's 15 Essential Moments From SXSW 2013

by Bob Boilen
SXSW is a festival that you can curate to your own taste: quick hits, big names, unknowns, or some of everything. But no matter what kind of festival you have, there will be moments when a band just cuts through the noise. Here are a handful of the most transporting moments from this year's festival.

NPR icon Lessons From SXSW 2013: Take The Middle Road

by Ann Powers
Mindy Best
Big names and Next Big Things dominate coverage of Austin's festival, but there's quality music between the two poles. Ann Powers says the skill and subtlety those acts bring to the party interest her more than the sure bet of a legend or the sugar high of watching a baby band with buzz.