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Fordham Conversations

Sizing Up the Sierra Leone; the Poets of Kundiman

by Mary Wilson
A wall plaque of the Sierra Leone Pledge of Allegiance
Church Mission Society (CMS), Flickr

Melissa Labonte went on a 10-day research trip to Sierra Leone. She came back with a shakedown survival story and a renewed distaste for the movie "Blood Diamond." Also, Sarah Gambito on the Kundiman Asian American Poetry Retreat, and how it all began. Influences include: Donald Trump.

The Heart Show

by Mary Wilson
Blue and White Medical Symbol
Marisa Galdi

Heart attacks leave a mental mark: but how do we treat victims, if they won't seek help? Psychologist Rachel Annunziato found a way. Then later in the show, a look at heart trauma in the Charles Dickens classic, Great Expectations, with English professor Kathleen Urda.

Know Before You Go…to the Polls

Women holds up the peace sign with the words vote November second on her fingers
Rachel Titiriga Flickr

Host Ben Allen speaks with two political experts about the candidates who are trying to make their case to voters ahead of election day. Steve Kornacki is the news editor for and Fordham Alumni Christina Greer is an assistant professor of political science at Fordham University.

Job Transitions

by Mary Wilson
The D-Train Approaching the Subway Station
Marisa Galdi

Conversations with three different Fordham alumni -- all in transition, and all in pursuit of meaningful work: a philosopher-turned-musician, a stockbroker-turned-teaching assistant, and a painter-turned-lawyer.

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