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News & Politics

News & Politics

Bratton Names Training Head as First NYPD Deputy

by Associated Press
NYPD squad car.

Andre Gustavo Stumpf, Flickr 

The head of training at the New York Police Department who served two presidents and has a history of working on civil rights was named the NYPD's second in command Wednesday after the chief named to the job abruptly quit.

   Benjamin Tucker, a retired NYPD officer and lawyer, is revamping the department's use of force training and is uniquely qualified for the job of first deputy commissioner, Commissioner William Bratton said. The job entails handling both community and police relations, he said.

Strike a Chord: What's a School to Do?

by Jeff Coltin
HSMSE at City College

HSMSE at City College, Jeff Coltin, WFUV News

Last spring, a student at the High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College in Manhattan died by suicide. Five months later, a group of sophomores, who asked to stay anonymous, said the tragedy doesn't come up much.

Cuomo Re-elected to a Second Term

by Jeff Coltin
Andrew Cuomo

Jeff Coltin, WFUV News

Promising to take the state higher than ever before, Andrew Cuomo's been re-elected to a second term as Governor of New York. The Democrat was widely expected to cruise to victory as Cuomo outspent Republican challenger Rob Astorino nearly 10 to 1. In Manhattan last night, Cuomo talked of a unified New York.

Strike a Chord: Remembering a Friend through a Life of Prevention

by Jeff Coltin
Team Malaya at the walk

Team Malaya, Hannah Moch

Eight years ago, Hannah Moch lost her friend to suicide.
Malaya Holloway was 13. She and Moch were classmates at a middle school in Lower Manhattan. Moch called her "really funny, and really beautiful." The pair would watch movies together and take goofy pictures on the computer with other friends. But after Malaya's death, Moch said students and school staff struggled with how to remember her friend.

Strike A Chord: Girls Share a Precious Time After School

by Jeff Coltin
Life is Precious book

Jeff Coltin

13 year-old Ace comes here almost every afternoon. 
"I like it a lot," she said. "I've made tons of friends and they're the kind of people that I know I can rely on."
Ace is not her real name. That is being witheld to protect her anonymity. She, and most of the girls at Life is Precious have considered suicide or have hurt themselves.

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