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SXSW 2008

Yep, we were there.

It's a conference (really! with panels and everything), it's a music scramble, it's a party. It's flying from New York to Texas counting the musicians on the plane (it only makes sense that we all sit behind Lou Reed at times like that). It's asking the sound engineer which band is on stage in a park at 3pm and even he has totally lost track already. It's checking your pockets in the morning to pull out CDs from the bands you saw the day before. It's managing to shower without losing your hand stamp, and sleeping in multiple plastic wristbands, dreaming of snakes.

The FUV crew was happy to be part of the NPR Music team this year, broadcasting great shows from Stubb's, The Parish, and the Austin Music Hall. Details and concert streams of R.E.M., My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend, Billy Bragg, Liam Finn and more:

Blogging and vlogging and bears, oh my!

Of course we've got our own blog entries complete with at least a half dozen videos from SXSW:

Some cameras don't move

Retronym alert! Here are a few "still pictures": Rita snags a poster | Team FUV | Rita & NPR Folks | Nicole Atkins | Matt Morris | Bat Bar | Sponsored Toilet?

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