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Falcon Ridge Folk Fest 2006

We never miss a Falcon Ridge. It's a beautiful drive from anywhere, and there's a great feeling of music-loving community fun.

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New Festival Home | Setting Up | Dan Bern at FUV Tent | That's some rain | Maura Kennedy | Ponchos | Listener Josh | Claudia Marshall | Susan Werner Set | Claudia and Ruby | Sun-Day! | Janeen, Sharon, Linda | Listener Ted | Shay, Lowen, Gorka | Am I in there? | Grammer, Saunders, Platt | Christine Lavin | Claudia and John |


For the traditional closing song of this year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, they might have chosen, "Oh, I've seen fire, and I've seen rain..." But despite the forces of nature - and a new location - the 2006 festival provided what Falcon Ridge is known for: great music and a sense of community.

After the sale of Long Hill Farm, where the festival was held for nearly 15 years, Falcon Ridge moved five miles away this year to the Dodds family farm. Whatever anxiety that might have caused longtime festival-goers evaporated instantly. The new site felt just like the old site, if a little less hilly, down to the position of the main stage and the various food and crafts booths. It even came with the requisite rainfall - this year a Saturday afternoon downpour which left the place looking like the muddy main street of Deadwood (minus the bodies, of course). Coupled with a late-night fire in one of the camping areas (apparently started in a truck), it was a lot to cope with - but maybe because so many of us are from the Woodstock generation, spirits didn't flag. And thanks to the hundreds of free ponchos given away at our booth, it was great to see WFUV keeping so many people dry.

Check out our souvenir pics through the numbered links above.

Claudia Marshall's highlights:

  • Sunday Morning's "Gospel Wake Up Call." "Operator? Information... get me Jesus on the Line!" We all had good old religion that morning.
  • Susan Werner's set, including a great, danceable cover of John Lennon's "(Just Like) Starting Over)"
  • Zydeco Dance Lessons "Slow, touch, quick, quick! Slow, touch, quick, quick."
  • Fresh Corn on the cob!
  • Fresh Strawberry Shortcake!
  • Fresh sheets after a day of rain. Falcon Ridge motto: "Music worth wading for!"
  • Hanging with our great listeners and my incredibly patient daughter, Ruby! Four days of folk music is tough on a teenager!

John Platt's highlights:

  • A particularly strong Friday afternoon Emerging Artist Showcase, with the New York area well represented by favorites such as Red Molly, Pat Wictor, Nadine Goellner, and Open Book
  • The Phil Ochs tribute on the workshop stage, with David Massengill, Dan Bern, John Gorka, the Nields, and others
  • Main stage sets by Crooked Still, Susan Werner, and especially Eliza Gilkyson (with Jodi Gill's breathtaking sign language interpretation)
  • Squeezing into the tiny Acoustic Live NYC booth during the downpour and singing "Fall Down Like the Rain" with Joe Crookston, Pat Wictor, Kathleen Pemble, and other tuneful folks
  • The Sunday morning "Gospel Wake Up Call" with Eddie From Ohio, Chris and Meredith Thompson, and Vikki True


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