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Bonnaroo 2004

Our first trip to Tennessee: 80 bands, 4 women, one RV.

Radio hits the road! WFUV's music director Rita Houston and geek WFUV web director Laura Fedele joined up with singer-songwriter Erin McKeown and her ace manager Emily Lichter for a trip south. The lineup was not to be denied, and Erin was invited to play on Saturday. A motor home was packed up, and with the fridge full of trail mix and the guitar amp stowed under the table, a week of fun began.

This is by no means a comprehensive look at the Bonnaroo festival - there's probably no such thing. With 80 bands and 100,000 people spread across hundreds of acres of land, there were as many choices of what to do as you could possibly have the wherewithal to trek to.

The sweltering heat and thunderstorms made camera-toting tough, so there are some sets that will just live in our memories. But here are a few shots behind (and in front of) the scenes...


Pics open a pop-up window. Mouse around to find the '<previous' or '>next' buttons, or use the 'p' or 'n' keys on your keyboard.


Southbound | Getting Close... | Closer... | Dollywood! | Campout |


Los Lonely Boys | Calexico | Nellie McKay | Ani DiFranco | Bob Dylan | Rita on the Radio | Louque | Erin McKeown | Warren Haynes | Erin and Rita |


Erin McKeown | Another Tent | Gomez | Gomez: Tom | Gomez: Ben | Gomez: Ian | Damien Rice | Damien Rice | Damien fans |


What did I just step on? | Fluevogs | Plus Bad | Taj Mahal | Consult the Beacon | David Byrne | Now we work |


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