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'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Down Under

by Alisa Ali

I think you would really hard pressed to find a person who does not know, in detail, about the adventures described in this song. Quick inventory: You've got your Vegemite sandwich, The Strange Lady who makes you nervous, but cooks you breakfast (not specified, but it was probably also Vegemite-based).


You've got your guy with a slack jaw who's trying to tempt you (just because you come from the land of plenty!) You know the story. But it really is so catchy, isn't it? If you think the song is funny, wait until you get a load of this video. There is a scene where one of the Men is busy workin' the flute while sitting in a tree with a stuffed koala tied to one of the branches. It's so ridiculous that I just love it, maybe you do too. I'm not sure I'll play this exact Men at Work song... Maybe, I don't know yet. You'll have to come on the FUV Boat to find out.


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