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HD Radio

WFUV 90.7 FM turns into a 3-channel radio multiplex with HD Radio.

HD Radio

HD Radio is a digital technology that offers new listening options and upgraded audio quality. If you're in the New York City area, an HD radio at 90.7 FM becomes three stations in one. You need an HD receiver; they're available in tabletop, component and car versions.

Benefits of HD Radio:

  • New channels you can't find on a standard radio - including FUV All Music, WFUV's weekday music mix on the weekends, and The Alternate Side, our indie music channel.
  • FM broadcasts have CD-quality sound - static-free without pops, hiss and fades.
  • Data display: text with song titles, artist names, traffic updates, weather forecasts, sports scores and more.
  • Opportunity for more services, such as surround sound, store-and-replay, expanded traffic details, etc.
  • No subscription necessary! Unlike satellite radio, HD Radio does not cost extra for the service.

Reception Tips for HD Radio

HD Radio manufacturers include: Boston Acoustics, Accurian by RadioShack, Cambridge Soundworks, Polk Audio, Sangean and more. Find one at, or check a local retailer like Radio Shack.

To get a choice of channels you MUST have good, solid reception of the analog FM signal. When it locks in, you can switch between 1-2-3.

While our general reception tips apply to receiving HD Radio, it is not affected by multi-path. (Multi-path is the FM signal arriving at your radio from different angles, due to bouncing off a building, mountain, etc.) On a regular radio that sounds like noise, static or distortion. So if you have that kind of reception trouble with a regular radio, an HD radio could help.

Thanks to iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer of HD Radio technology. For more info, see