Holiday Cheer- Live Concert- 2008 Part 1

by Claudia Marshall
Photo by Jeff Fasano

It's the 2008 edition of our annual Holiday Cheer for 'FUV at The Concert Hall at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. Part 1: The Felice Brothers on stage, and in an interview with Claudia Marshall. [12/2/08]



Ian and Christmas on stage
Rita welcomes the crowd
Christmas and Simone on stage
James looks to his brothers
Farley and James on stage
Farley, James and Simone on stage
Simone meets Ian at the drum kit
Darren addresses the crowd
Dar takes the stage
Dar on stage
Dar under the blue lights
Claudia takes the mic
Chuck and Ralph address the audience
Shelley Coleman takes the mic
Jeff, Alisa, Rich, Ben, Sarah and John on stage
Bruce Hornsby and David Mansfield
Bruce at piano
David under amber
Bruce at Piano
Talking to the audience
James and Co.
Keeping it Real
James and blue
James Hunter and Band
Dar sizes up Claudia's guitar playing.
Claudia leads the crowd in singing 'White Christmas.
Claudia leads the crowd in singing 'White Christmas.
Dennis and the DeVivos
Barefoot with Guitar
John, Rita, Darren, Dar and Janeen
Dar and Rita
James and Dar
James Rocks
James, false teeth and Dar
David, Dennis and Rita
Dennis with Bruce and David
Darren addresses the food
Darren, James, Dar and John
Dennis and Dar
James and Claudia, angry
Holiday Cheer 2008  |  Photos by Jeff Fasano
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