Fanfarlo: Five Essential Albums

by Kara Manning

Fanfarlo's blissful EP of last year, The Sea, was a sparkling pop prelude to the London band's bold third album, Let's Go Extinct, which is released on February 11 via Blue Horizon. The group sidles even further away from its early folk roots and unearths more danceable grooves on this release, as on the sunny single "Landlocked." They have a lengthy North American tour this spring, including two New York dates in late April at Bowery Ballroom and Rough Trade.

Fanfarlo - Words and Music - 2012

by Alisa Ali

We were introduced to the Brit band Fanfarlo by the folk influences and electric instrumentation of its debut, 'Reservoir,' and now they turn up the pop with an 80s-inspired vibe on the new album, 'Rooms Filled With Light.' During a visit to FUV, they performed a few of the new songs and spoke with host Alisa Ali, who says: 'You never know where a conversation is going to go with some people. I meant to stay on topic with Fanfarlo when they came in to talk about their new album, but somehow we ended up talking Sci-fi and Communism.

Fanfarlo - Words and Music - 2009

by Rita Houston
Photo by Deirdre O'Callaghan
While a lot of bands like to craft intricate sounds on their albums, when they go on the road they'll often forgo band members for synthesizers, laptops, and ipods. Not so, for the UK band Fanfarlo, which features a touring crew of six multi-instrumentalists and vocalists along with an occasional guest musician. They've brought them all across the pond to talk with WFUV's Rita Houston about their debut album 'Resevoir' and while they're not an American-band, they don't necessarily mind being called Americana. [9/21/09]