A Look Back

by Rita Houston

Tonight on the Whole Wide World, we revisit an interview with U.K. superstar Adele. Before every lyric off of her album 21 was being sung by fans around the world, I had the chance to sit down with Adele and talk about the record just before its release. It's incredible to listen back on this conversation knowing how 2011 turned out for the young British artist. I hope you enjoy this insightful chat, and, of course, a Whole Wide World of tunes tonight on WFUV.

Adele- Words and Music- 2011

by Rita Houston

She won the "Best New Artist" Grammy thanks to her hit debut, '19', and now she's back with '21' - an album that more than proves Adele has the voice and the songwriting chops to back her continued success. Hear more about Adele's latest batch of songs, in this conversation with FUV's Rita Houston. [1/31/11]

Adele- Words and Music- 2008

by Rita Houston

Adele went to the same high school as Amy Winehouse, but she's forging her own way on the retro R&B path. Her first full-length album - '19' - has now made its way from the UK to the US, and Adele recently talked with Rita Houston about venturing into singing and songwriting. [6/9/08]