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MLB FanCave Dwellers on One on One

by Mack Rosenberg

The "Cave Dwellers" Step Away from the TV to Talk with Mack and Alex

When Alex and I walked into the MLB Fan Cave this past Saturday afternoon to host One on One, it was a pretty cool experience. You can't miss the cave monster, an 18 TV giant sitting opposite a custom made couch that may be about 18 feet long. It's all there for the Cave Dwellers, the fans picked at the beginning of the season to watch all 2430 major league baseball regular season games. It's truly astonishing what these fans have to do, and there is a reason why there's only four left.

Alex and I spoke to these super fans, if that's even the word for them. Angels fan Ricardo Marquez, Giants fan Ashley Chavez, Phillies fan Gordon Mack, and Cardinals fan Kyle Thompson all agreed that it's not quite as hard as one would think to watch baseball for all these months. After all, they do have their smartphones. However, a point that was made was that these guys aren't just fans. Chavez had teddy bears named Will Clark growing up in California. Marquez used Tony Gwynn, and other players in his submission video to the Fan Cave.

It was certainly a fun day, but I can't decide if it was the 18 televisions behind us, or the four people who have to sit there and watch baseball that made me laugh the most.




Interview with Gordon Mack and Kyle Thompson Interview with Ricardo Marquez and Ashley Chavez