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Al Michaels: Seizing the Moment

by Kyle Kesses

Photos Courtesy NBC

A Look at 2012 Vin Scully Award Winner

“Al Michaels is the greatest play-by-play broadcaster who has ever lived.” That distinction was provided by Drew Esocoff, director of NBC Sunday Night Football, in one of nine interviews conducted in the making of Al Michaels: Seizing The Moment. Over the past 40 years, Michaels has been the lyricist of many of the greatest American sports moments.

Whether Al was broadcasting the greatest game, and eventually the greatest moment, in American sports history during the 1980 winter Olympics, calling any of eight Super Bowls, or hanging on for dear life in the broadcast booth at Candlestick Park, he carried out his work on the strength of an underlying axiom: get the facts right.

From a journalistic standpoint, it is the portion of this documentary that emerges as the headline. In a business that is built upon delivering accurate information, the facts are often muddled for the sake of speed, style, or personal interest of the journalist.

Michaels understands the reason for his presence. He does not burden the listener/viewer with superfluous information and he does not jam stories into a telecast. Michaels lets the game play out and he simply provides the proper eloquence when necessary.

From a small boy raised in Brooklyn, NY to an industry giant, perhaps the most impressive part about Al Michaels is the way he approaches his work. Always prepared, always factual, and, when the moment calls for it, always great.

Listen below to Al Michaels: Seizing the Moment and my appearance on One on One to discuss how the piece was made.


Al Michaels: Seizing the Moment Kyle Kesses on One on One