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The Bottomless Pit

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For May 10

by Marshall Crenshaw

"Beautiful Music" was a radio format that flourished for two or three decades, but is now nearly extinct. This format featured the most soporific, vanilla stuff on the planet, by artists like James Last, Mantovani, Frank Chacksfield, and Burt Kaempfert (lots of Brits and Germans). I don't know why, but I find this stuff amusing, enjoyable and entertaining; I often seek out "Beautiful Music" radio stations during my travels. Again, there are hardly any of those stations left, for the simple reason that the target demographic is aging out of existence. Tonight on "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, tune in for a big fat dose of musical Soma® as I do my part to keep "Beautiful Music" alive, if just for an hour.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For May 3

by Marshall Crenshaw
Wayne Kramer (courtesy of the artist)

Wayne Kramer has a great new album out this week, called Lexington. In recognition of that, and many other things, on tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, I'll feature an hour's worth of music with Wayne's name on it, including as many tracks from Lexington as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act will allow.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For April 26

by WFUV Staff
Duke Ellington

Marshall Crenshaw has been rustling up something special for tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, but so far he's set aside albums from Duke Ellington and Ravi Shankar with Yehudi Menuhin. If you love Marshall's quirky, edifying and eclectic journeys through his massive (and enviable) record collection every Saturday night, please support "The Bottomless Pit" during FUV's spring drive. While Marshall's on the air, you can head to to make your contribution (our phone volunteers will be off duty by 10) or you can call earlier in the day at 877-938-8907.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For April 19

by Marshall Crenshaw
Bobby Curtola and band (courtesy of the artist,

On tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, an "All-Bobby Edition" of the show, wherein only people named Bobby will be heard from. And that's Bobby, not Bob.. Nobody named Bob will be heard from, although I do talk about a guy named Bob for a few minutes (the show is prerecorded, as always).

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For April 12

by Marshall Crenshaw
George Clinton and engineer Jim Vitti mixing P-Funk (courtesy of United Sound Systems,

This week's "The Bottomless Pit" is one of my favorites so far, ever. It's an hour-long salute to Detroit's United Sound Systems, a recording studio with a deep and illustrious legacy. Launched back in 1933, and moved to its present location in 1943, there's a ton of popular music history connected to this place.