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Privacy and Security

We never sell, trade, or give away any personal information about our members, ever.

When you fill out a form on our website, your info is only handled by FUV employees. If you're not a member of WFUV, we might drop a line to ask you to become one. Other than that, we won't contact you unless you ask us to.

We send out 'Direct from WFUV' e-newsletters about the station, ONLY to people who ask to be on our mailing list ('opt-in'). The opt-in form is on the e-news subscription page of this web site. You can unsubscribe there as well.

We ask listeners to take part in surveys a few times each year. Any information collected is only used in aggregate form - not tied to any individual human being.

No web services are tied to membership.

Electronic Security:

All financial information sent through our website is protected under a certificate issued by GeoTrust.

Note: It's important to make sure whatever Web browser you use is the most recent version available, for security reasons. We like Firefox and Chrome.

Music Rights:

This is an ASCAP, BMI & SESAC licensed site. We are licensed for songwriting copyright through those agencies, and licensed for performance copyright (through RIAA/Soundscan), for streaming-only distribution of music.

Archived shows with recorded music can be posted for two weeks only. We cannot sell or give you audio copies of any of our programming. We cannot help you download any music from our site, even for your own personal use. We do not own the rights to the songs, so we cannot distribute them; that's copyright infringement.