First Listen

NPR icon First Listen: St. Vincent, 'St. Vincent'

by Katie Presley
Renata Raksha
Every defiant growl, jaded vocal fry and distorted guitar lick on Annie Clark's fourth album flirts with the avant garde, yet uses an accessible, if inventive, musical vocabulary to do so.

NPR icon First Listen: Lost In The Trees, 'Past Life'

by Katie Presley
DL Anderson
The music Ari Picker makes with his band is masterful at eliciting sweeping emotional responses, and at ensuring that a single emotion never dominates any one piece. Past Life isn't melancholy, and it isn't upbeat. It's both, and everything else besides.

NPR icon First Listen: AJ Davila, 'Terror Amor'

by Jasmine Garsd
The garage-rock band Davila 666 is on a break, but its singer has a tremendous new solo album. Terror Amor stays close to AJ Davila's garage-rock/doo-wop/punk roots, but dares to play with fun new elements.