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CD of the Week: Calexico

by Carmel Holt

Named for the New Orleans neighborhood where Joey Burns and John Convertino recorded their seventh full-length album, Algiers is chock-full of the magical blend of sounds and styles we have come to know and love as Calexico. Crossing a few state lines from their usual home studios in Tucson, Arizona to record in a city that is known as a musical melting pot, makes sense. After all, Calexico is a band that has long called upon an extended range of musical influences, blending them together so distinctly that the results have almost become a genre of their own. Algiers is classic Calexico - true to their namesake town, with one foot in America, one foot in Mexico, once again giving us songs that travel dusty roads, meeting both loners and lovers on the way, with heart and heartache. Hear Calexico's Algiers, in its entirety, as this week's CD of the Week, November 8th, at 8pm.

The WFUV CD of the Week Thurdays at 8pm on 90.7 FM in New York City (radio broadcast only).